Monday, August 11, 2008

WE - (we can solve it) - Switching to 100% clean, renewable electricity within 10 years.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

US energy policy

Aug 6, 2008: Tom Friedman's NYTimes editorial and a Toles
Our kids are going to be so angry with us one day.
We've charged their future on our Visa cards. We've
added so many greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, for our generation's growth, that our kids are likely going to spend a good part of their adulthood, maybe all of it, just dealing with the climate implications of our profligacy. And now our leaders are telling them the way out is "offshore drilling" for more climate-changing fossil fuels.

Madness. Sheer madness.

You like a warm house?

So do I.
And I have to say it is harder every day to have just that, a warm and cosy house to live and sleep in. Guys in our Washington congress shine with inaction again before the summer break. This country is in a major recession, a major energy crisis and our legislative branch goes out to enjoy the summer.
In a mid size company I used to work in, the executives took a 30% pay cut at times of crisis till the point in time that they dealt with the crisis and maneuvered the company successfully through the shallow waters.
What does our congress do, go on vacation. This is outrageous and irresponsible, shows the exact behavior we do not want to teach to all the people in the country; Lethargy.
We can generate our own energy and many people know it. It is just that we are held back by "it is not my problem to solve", OR "this is too big for me to start it", "I will upset my biggest $$ source by doing what is right and necessary.
Do not underestimate the American voters, do not think they are not smart enough to understand. They are and they vote; they might just vote you out of a job if you don't act and act decisively and fast.
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