Thursday, August 5, 2010

RAMROD 2.0 - The White Album


Team STP = Sebastian, Stefan, Bral, and Moses! Team STP will start North and head South.
Team IB = Yu, Funk, and Solomon Team IB will start South and head North.

Car 1 = Moses Mobile - please bring an extra set of keys!!
Car 2 = Gretchen Groggel Green Machine - please bring an extra set of keys!!

Everyone should meet at Form Factor at 7:30pm (19:30) on Thursday, August 5th, 2010.
Lets meet at this address: 7545 Longard Road, Livermore, CA 94551

Make sure to email Yu's anyone's email address to receive spot indications.
Thursday -
- 19:30 - Meet at Form Factor, Livermore. Pack the cars and depart.
- 24:00 - Sleep at Tioga Pass

Friday - free to do what you like in the morning till 13:00. some will fish, some will chill, some will climb.
- 13:00 - head to Bishop stopping at the White Mountain Ranger Station
- 16:00 - early dinner in Bishop - (will we eat out or make dinner?)
- 17:30 - head to trail heads.
- 19:30 - lay down for some shut eye

- 03:15 - wake up, eat some food, deficate, drink water, check bags, etc.
- 04:00 - Hit the trail!! - Keep track of water sources and mark on GPS units to hand off to next team.
- 19:00 - Finish!! Enjoy cold beverages and food!
- 21:00 - Wild Willies Hot Spring!! 37.66261,-118.789589

- chill out, maybe go for a run or hike!! - probably do some yoga and fishing.. And hitting the hot springs again...
- drive home and return to

Please leave something vertical on the trial with a bandana in it near the top. Best example would be to build a cairn and put a bandanna in between the top two rocks. Then leave a bunch of gear and food and the cooler at the trail head. Hopefully you will be able to leave a message on paper or a messenger to describe what is happening.

If there is more than 39% chance of Tstorms in the Whites, then we'll go play somewhere else.

4. TEAM GEAR - each team will carry some items to be shared by the whole team.
- sun screen
- water treatment (aqua mira)
- first aid containing Beta-dine, Vaseline, Ibuprofen, Duct Tape, Gauze, Diamox, sewing needle, thread, ___what_else_?__
- cell phone = who was going to carry phones? Yu and Sebastian??
- GPS = Funk's GPS, Yu's GPS, and Stefan's as back up. Bring extra set of batteries for back up (Funk has lots AAs)
- GPS batteries
- Compass
- Map
- toilette paper
- Coolers - Funk's cooler and Stefan's cooler.

this list is not supposed to be all inclusive, but it should provide a good start.
- closed toed shoes
- three pairs of socks
- capacity to carry 5 L of water
- hat to keep sun off face
- sun glasses
- bandanna
- duct tape
- light gloves
- wind breaker that is slightly water repellent
- warm jacket (preferably down)
- warm leg coverings
- shorts
- short sleeve shirt
- long sleeve shirt
- emergency blanket/bivy (Mylar)
- toilette paper
- NUTRITION!! - shot blocks, gu, cliff bars, lara bars, baked potatoes, dates, etc...
- hiking poles
- headlamp with fresh batteries
- safety pins to pin wet socks to outside of pack
- lip balm
- ___what_else?__

Team STP cooler (Seabass, Tall German, Bral, Moses)
- greens
- highland scotch
- tangerines
- roasted salted peanuts
- honey roasted peanuts
- coconut water (where do you get this?)
- ginger ale (or did you mean Reed's Ginger Beer?)
- CANDY: Twix, KitKat, ButterFinger, Jolly Ranchers, Werther's Originals
- dark beer
- Maharaja from Avery
- Halva
- 2 gallons of Water

Team IB cooler (Funk, Yu, Solomon)
- greens
- tangerines
- roasted salted peanuts
- cold beer: Solomon and Yu should chime in here!!
- Maharaja from Avery)
- Halva
- 2 gallons of Water
- Clausen Pickles (halves)

7. Buying and Bringing Stuff:
Funk will bring:
- Aqua Mira for both teams
- sunscreen for team IB
- sleeping pad & tent for Solomon + 1 opening
- GPS with topo & waypoints
- cooler
- Maharaja
- vasaline for Team IB
- hiking poles for anyone replying to message asking for poles
- an extra sleeping bag
- a bunch of shot blocks
- a few extra energy bars
- a whole bunch of boiled potatoes with salt!!
- compass

Stefan will bring:
- maps
- cooler
- GPS with topo & waypoints
- compass

Yu will birng:
- GPS with topo & waypoints
- compass

Bral will bring:
- Jolly Ranchers for all

Moses - hammer gels and cliff blocks with caffine - one idea would be to go to Sports Basement instead of REI, but whateva...

Alrighty Boys!! totally psyched!! Solomon and I ran up to the wind turbines this morning!! finally made it after 6 years of living here!! we are primed up and ready to do it!!

See you kids tomorrow!!
damn - that just took 80 minutes to write...