Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama speech to Staff

This is a little bit of a recap of the last months and motivation to stand strong behind this man.

1st real fishing trip - Silver Creek with Francois

Here is a link to the pictures of the trip.

Idaho fishing trip

We left Thursday 10am and drove pretty much all day except for lunch and gas breaks, till 11.30pm. Sleeping in Twin Falls,
The next day was only 1-2 hours to sun valley where we found out details about the area. Too much water in most of the rivers, except the Silver Creek. Equipped with propper flys we headed down and started to fish too late but I think around 11am. It was very hot up to 90-95 and very little wind. Discovering the area and finding out good spots and finding out again that I cannot really cast well.

In the morning a nice local guy who gave us some data points and gave us some flys that where actually resembling the ones in the air.
We went down to the Preserve area of the Creek and checked out the area there.
Good fishing spots. Not as exposed in parts.
Sunday we went to the Preserve as well. We got some bites and catches as we learned more about the area and all.

Monday June 23rd we where here at the Silver creek camping spot all day. Starting at 10-10.30am Francois took his favourite position and I was looking to find mine. I found a spot where there where lots and lots of Sardine size Trout. And I cauget 3 in a row without even trying. So ambitios these little guys.... Had to change location as they where really not helping me fishing bigger ones. One swallowed the whole Fly and I really struglled to keep it alive during hook removal. I ruined the fly but I got it out and the little one swam off in no time.
I scared off a duck family and mom-duck was very upset with me. She had bluish type wind "elbows" and kept paddling in and out of the river, away and towards the rest of the family. She was really small. Maybe she was not the Mom after all.
I saw a deer drinking right from the creek and when she noticed me she had to come a little close and head over to the fields with elegant and big tall jumps.
Going the usual route up to Belevue and Hailey for lunch. Hayley has 3 flyshops. That is a lot for a small sittle town like that. Went to the Sun Valley Brew company for lunch and had an EXCELLENT "white cloud" brown ale with a neatly complex taste. Buying more flys and other necceseties and we where back to our site. This time for a real real treat. Early afternoon was nothing special, did get no nibbles or bites. BUT then we staid a little longer and the scenery changed. At about 7.30pm the whole river was toped with insects. I have never seen anything like this. What started with a few PMDs hatching and flying about, ended up being a feast for all the fish in the river. More brown winged (similar to PMDs) came out then they where joined by something like a giant Mayfly. I was in the middle of the river at that time and it looked simply awesome adn amazing. Where ever you looked, all FULL with flys. The fish of course went NUTS on this and had a feast like I have never seen one before. Fish where jumping everywhere, single, double or triple formation. Incredible. I had so many nibbles from the small fish I could not get to the bigger ones I really wanted. The fly hits the water within 1-2 seconds it was taken under by at least 2 small fish in a row, drowning the fly. The supply and demand situation shifted a litlle. Soooo many Flies and still the same large amount of fish. It was hard to make our flys count...... I had one bite at that time but apparently set the hook too hard and the line broke right at the tipped knot. 6x is really small for this kind of fish, but I don't think there is another way to catch them. They are sooooo spooky!!
Francois got several bigish ones in the afternoon and decided not to keep them because of a lack of ice here at camp. BUMMER but it would have been a waste.

Tuesday 10.30am I am frustrated as nothing seems to work for me. I lost 2 PMDs and 2 of the green little ones, no nibble no bite an did not see any interest or response in what I did.
The Fish where feeding a lot more starting 9.30am. I was out at 8.30am and lots of PMD on the river, but barely any interest in them or our flys. In the afternoon we where waiting for another scenario like yesterday but it did not quiet work out to be as "crowded" as yesterday. We where better equipped with brown drake flys and I actually caught 2 decent sice fish. I only kept one and fryed it right there on the parking lot. GOOD ONE.
We did a finishing session at the Preserve and it was lucrative with several sardine size catches and 3 big hook ups, lost them through line break and escape from the hook I placed. But I also landed one...... I learned how to fish a straight flow, shallow creek. Look where you will place the fly, go back upstream and let it run down. Sweet
Home in one day, through the haze in Nevada that was most likely caused by all the fires in Northern California. Got back at 2am after 14 hours of trip, 11 1/2 hours of driving. Passat did well with 29 MpG.

Monday, June 16, 2008

How much CO2 do we really emit with driving our cars

I was long questioning whether it matters to burn a gallon of Regular, mid or premium, Diesel or Kerosine.... How we burn it, which car burns it, and all that. Does it really matter?!
I just today read that it does not really matter. I read up on this page
and this is what it comes down to:
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important greenhouse gas. Emissions of CO2 are directly linked
to fuel consumption. Burning a kg of petrol, diesel, kerosene and the like in a car, van, lorry, aircraft
or ship leads to approximately 3.15 kg of CO2 emissions.
==> a good liter of gasoline (about 1.1l) when burnt will produce about 3kg of CO2. Whether it is burnt in a Hummer or in a Prius. A liter of Gas is a liter Gas, burnt is burnt, gone is gone.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We Can Solve It -- PR effort to raise the awareness of globas warming and the climate crisis

Many many people are aware of the fact that we are in the middle of a global warming trend. That in itself is a huge achievement of many individual efforts, small and big, talking to your neighbor about it or making a movie about it. Now we need to take this awareness and funnel the energy into action to do something about it. This is the next challenge for us as aware human beeings. If we don t get this done, nothing else matters.

Monday, June 2, 2008


This is an event that is intended to bring people together and enable them to go bejond switching lightbulbs to be green.