Monday, November 17, 2008

Executive order from Governor Schwarzenegger on Climat Impacts

Text of News Release issued November 14, 2008:

Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Executive Order Directing State Agencies to Plan for Sea Level Rise and Climate Impacts

Given the serious threat of sea level rise to California's water supply and coastal resources and the impact it would have on our state's economy, population, and natural resources, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger [Friday] issued an Executive Order (EO) S-13-08 to enhance the state's management of climate impacts from sea level rise, increased temperatures, shifting precipitation and extreme weather events.

"We have to adapt the way we work and plan in order to manage the impacts and challenges that California and our entire planet face from climate change," Governor Schwarzenegger said. "Given the serious threat of sea level rise to California's water supply, population and our economy, it's critically important that we make sure the state is prepared when heavy rains cause flooding and the potential for sea level rise increases in future years."

There are four key actions in the EO including:

(1) initiate California's first statewide climate change adaptation strategy that will assess the state's expected climate change impacts, identify where California is most vulnerable and recommend climate adaptation policies by early 2009;

(2) request the National Academy of Science establish an expert panel to report on sea level rise impacts in California to inform state planning and development efforts;

(3) issue interim guidance to state agencies for how to plan for sea level rise in designated coastal and floodplain areas for new projects; and

(4) initiate a report on critical existing and planned infrastructure projects vulnerable to sea level rise.

One key benefit that the EO will facilitate is California's first comprehensive climate adaptation strategy. This effort will improve coordination within state government and adapt the way work so that better planning can more effectively address climate impacts to human health, the environment, the state's water supply and the economy.

Another benefit from the EO includes providing consistency and clarity to state agencies on how to address sea level rise in current planning efforts, reducing time and resources unnecessarily spent on developing different policies using different scientific information.

The EO and its actions carry on the Governor's environmental leadership by continuing to address climate change adaptation in coordination with our climate change mitigation policies as outlined in AB 32. The states of Washington and Oregon, as well as Canada and Mexico, along with several global institutions have expressed interest in coordinating our climate change adaptation policies as outlined in this EO.

California's Energy Commission, the California Ocean Protection Council and Caltrans are conducting numerous scientific studies on the impact of climate change, including new sea level rise impact projections that are being used to develop the state's climate change adaptation strategy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My thoughts on the election

I have to say I am truly proud of the American people to have made a step like they did. I was really really questioning the mindset and ability to realize things over the last ~ 6 years. On a level like the president of the USA, you need to do the right thing, RIGHT as in right for the world, for the people for society as a whole. I believe "W" really wanted to do that, it is just a fact for me (and yes it is only MY fact) that he was
1) not mentally able to understand the world needs as a whole
2) was mentally not able to at least surround himself with people that have that ability
3) He got un-lucky a few times.


Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to go into Irak, take that money (or 1/4 of it) and make your country independent of the oil he was so desperate to secure for the US there. We could be there by now.
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to make Aids help in Africa depending on your faith.
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to put pressure on the mortgage market to make the "American Dream" (house in the burbs with lawn and white picket fence) a reality for everyone, as in everyone.... eventhough the market was not able to give it to them.
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to try and make every pension depend on the health of the stock market
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT by pushing back any diplomatic efforts with Korea and Iran and therefore let these situations get almost out of control
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to be arrogant and proud about being an American. It is plain out luck or good fortune to have been borne in this country and does not entitle you in any way to look down on or be arrogant to anyone on this planet. We are all born equal. An American life is just as terrible to be lost as any other one on this planet.
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to find legalization loopholes and use brute force methods to get to information from members of "The axis of evil" (called torture). If you look back at history and think and analyze, there are MUCH much better ways to get to information if you really want it. But it does take will, sophistication and the right mindset to get to it. These are much much more effective AND do not defacto now put a world wide legalization on torture for th next at least 50 years.
Please don't tell me it was RIGHT to lift the cover of a CIA agent, just because he disagrees with your shitty policies.