Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Mexico 1st few days

 Our 9 day trip to New Mexico. Experience the South West a little more.
Starting in Santa Fe, after the short drive up from Albuquerque airport.
Santa Fe is a pretty rich town, lots of money here. Art is big, here. I found decent coffee and really good food.

Here the train station.

I really like their houses here. Great colors and shapes.
And I like the girl in front of it.

And lots of flowers in the Bandalere Park.

This is a non-existent Caffee in Los Alamos. This town is simply a weir place. Geek central to say the least. Only Nuclear scientists there, and only the super geek kind. And guess what, you see it. It the town there are practical facilities ONLY. And it seems like everything is supervised by someone. Parking spaces galore, no shops to get nearly anything, not a coffee shop that is worth the name, I had to go to Starbucks to get something that somewhat resembles an espresso. Fusion Cafe was not open yet, or already closed again. We where happy to get back out of there.
Calle Valderas a GRAND Valley made by a huge Vulcano eruption.

We then did our 1 1/2 hour hike in that area. Amazingly green and lush.

We even saw a couple of Deer.

Can you see that CAMEL?

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